How many instagram followers you need?

So, how many Instagram followers to make money? Instagram in recent years has become not only a popular social network, but also a place to make money. And there we can write one more important question: how many Instagram followers do I have? Users try to attract as much attention to their profile as possible in order to find new followers. But how many followers in the Instagram actually need in order to earn real money on this hobby. How does the earnings process and what are the ways of earning in the Instagram? This and not only can be read in the continuation of the article.

How many followers do you need in the earnings instructions: most Instagram followers list

How many real (live) followers need to receive real money from the account in the Instagram? This question interests many and no one will give an exact answer to it. We can only say one thing: the more of them, the more money you can expect from this hobby. And it’s true, but there are some nuances. Of course, person with most Instagram followers is this or that celebrity, but you are not worse.

The main thing is that followers should be “alive”, that is, they are real people. It is “live” followers who will be able to view your posts, and they will be able to bring you a stable income in the network. But not everything is so simple – not all advertisers check the real number of followers, but look at the likes of the posts, which you can “wind”. The more followers there are, the more the publication price will be (that is, if you have 100 thousand followers, you can pay 50 thousand rubles for one photo or video). The price depends on the complexity of the publication and its topic. For example, the cost of an advertising video is much more than a regular photo. If you collect more than one million followers, then you can safely leave work – you will fully support yourself.

But there are some nuances of this way of earning. It is necessary to determine the target audience: for example, the age category and subject matter. The most popular age of audience is users from 18 to 35 years old. But with the choice of the topic of publication will have much more difficult, but you can highlight fashion bloggers, photographers and a variety of popular trends.

How many Instagram followers do you need?

Most Instagram followers in the world belong to that people who have a lot of advertising on their page. Earnings in the Instagram without attachments – this is far from a myth. Spreading a variety of photos, you can earn quite decent money. But what is the meaning of earnings on publications in the social network? The most popular ways of earning in the Instagram are:

  • Earnings on advertising.
  • Earnings on the likes.
  • Promotion of other people’s accounts.

Do not forget that you can make money on your idea by creating a flash mob or a new trend.

Earning in an Instagram: how many Instagram followers are real?

So, how many Instagram followers do you need to make money? It is this way of earning in social networks is the most popular and profitable. But in order to start earning on advertising, you must first collect your “army” of followers who will generate passive income. Therefore, in order to start receiving regular income, you need to try very hard to start. After all, how much you can earn on the Internet, depends directly on the number of followers. That is why in the early stages of special attention should be paid to the promotion of your account, in which the following services will help you:

  • SOClike
  • Seosprint
  • SurfEarner
  • QComment

And how many Instagram followers are fake? The most popular advertising in the Instagram is publications with products of any brands or photos from shops and salons. These manufacturers are ready to pay for these photos, because often with the help of this they advertise not only their products, but also their own official accounts in social networks. The meaning of promotional photo publications is to write positive, even you can say praise, reviews about the product or the manufacturer as a whole.

How many Instagram followers to get paid? What do you need to do to start earning money?

You must select the subject of publications and your entire account as a whole. This is no less important factor than the number of followers, because it is important not so much the amount of advertising, but its quality and focus. Therefore, to select a topic, take it seriously. Do not choose too “broad” or, conversely, too “narrow” topic. After all, it is important for an advertiser to find not just a “place” for a large number of people, but also to choose followers who are really interested in publishing. Most popular bloggers recommend choosing a topic in which you are well versed in yourself – this will attract the target audience. This is how you can earn good money on your account in the Instagram. However, for this you need to wait until the account is gaining popularity. You also should know how many Instagram followers is a lot. After all, it is well known that the more followers you have, the more your earnings will be.